Saturday, January 29, 2011

New position at Yosemite Pines Campground!

We are so happy to announce that we are now the new managers at Yosemite Pines RV Resort and Family Lodging. We are just 22 miles from the west entrance to Yosemite National Park and it is just beautiful here!

We just couldn't work set up in parking lots any longer. It is part of the job and we knew it going into it, the company is good and the pay is above average, but no more garbage trucks at 5am, no more sirens continuously, etc. The biggest downfall is that I just couldn't have grandkids come to visit in the summer because we weren't in places I would want them most of the time!

Instead, it will be the sounds of birds, campers coming both late and early, smells of campfires and trees, marshmellow roasts, petting farm animals and long walks in the woods with our dogs.

Grandkids are going to love it here! We have a pool, hayrides, petting farm, and much more. The summers will be slamming and the winters slower but this is going to be our home. Sitting in one place won't be as difficult when you are surrounded by so much peace and beauty! Stay tuned I will post pictures as I can.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

On The Road Again

We have worked here in Aurora, CO as resident managers since August '09 but have decided to go back on the road. Mini U Storage is a good company with good people but sitting in one spot finally got to me! We could have gone back to roving for them but honestly, I just can't do the auctions any longer, too many sad stories. I look for the positive parts of life and thankfully seldom find the negatives other than losing family members which of course is the worst you can go through in my opinion!

About 5 years ago we worked for IDPlans out of Florida doing shopping center surveys and we have decided to go back to work for them. It is definitely a "job" but the money is pretty good and the travel can be extensive, hopefully giving us an opportunity to see family in various locations. Lots to do to get the motorhome ready for our new adventure such as tuning up the generator (won't be plugged in so all generator), we put in a new vinyl floor (cuts down the dirt tracked in), wiring harness for the trailer hook-up and more but we are just about ready now. Work starts in So. Cal on 8/30!!

Until then we are still in Aurora taking care of Cameron and Savanna before and after school but will be pulling out about 8/24. That's the hardest part, leaving the grandkids. Our sons are ok, they know it's what we like to do and they will miss us but since I am still mothering them I think there will be a certain amount of relief when we go! Happily, the grandkids are old enough now that we could fly them to where we are during the summer and explore so that will be fun!

If you see a Southwind sitting in a shopping center with a 20' trailer being pulled stop and say hi!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Resident Managers in Aurora, CO

We have been here since August and are finally settling in I think. Moving from the motorhome to an apt is a bigger effort than I had imagined. We bought furniture but went the used route rather than buying new, afterall, I'm sure we won't be here forever! New furniture, new dishes, new everything, so much more is needed. It is nice to have a larger kitchen, a laundry room and the ability to take longer showers, then only real problem is as managers we get a free storage unit and I'm sure Jim will try to fill the darn thing. I reminded him of what it was like to have to downsize his "stuff" when we first moved into the rv and he swears that isn't going to happen again...we'll see.

We had our first snow, 2' a couple of weeks ago, what a difference from temps we had while in Anaheim and Las Vegas! I think the dogs are enjoying the larger space but still spend most of their time sitting on us if we're sitting down. Old habits I guess.

Our youngest son, Nicolas is living with us at least for the winter with his dog Indy. It's nice to have him here but of course I mother him too much, well, that's the price he has to pay! We are planning Thanksgiving dinner here with all the kids and Nic's new girlfriend, Suzanne, now if only the kids from Washington could be here it would be perfect!

All in all, it's a good job with a good company but I do miss moving around and wondering what's over the next hill. I need a project or a plan to keep from getting bored so here is the latest. We have decided to build a teardrop trailer! They are the cutest things, just a bed on wheels with a galley in the back when you lift the hatch. We plan on spending all of our days off this next summer exploring parts of Colorado we've never been to and taking the motorhome all the time just isn't cost effective. The teardrop can be pulled by our Subaru Outback since it will weigh under 1000 lbs. Plus, once we are back in the motorhome we will take the tear with us for camping with Subaru again. I'm excited about it so that is our current plan. One day we'd like to go to Alaska but doubt we'll have the money to take the motorhome so it will be much more feasible by taking the Subaru and the teardrop. We will post pics and progress once we get started after the holidays.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Once Again a Change...

We have been working for Mini U Storage for the last 4 months. Even though the company is nice and I like the people we answer to we were still tossing around the idea of leaving them and going back to traditional workamping. No sooner had we decided when our HR person, Christina, called to say that they had a resident position available in Colorado! Most of our kids and grand kids are in Colorado so we had told her that if something became available there to let us know....and she did. Oh my gosh, another decision!

We decided to go ahead and take the position and these are our reasons why. The pay is adequate (though we just found out that we don't get quite as much as we thought) and all the other reasons are there; close to the kids, a chance to clear out of the motorhome and doing some remodeling and several others. Hey, I get a Christmas tree for the first time in 7 years!! I already told the kids Thanksgiving at my house!

Time will tell how long we are here, I hate to make proclamations because sure as heck, the fickle finger of fate (as my Dad called it) will change things up but you just never know. As many have said before, hitch itch will set in at some time!

I'll keep you posted how things progress. We haven't stopped, we are just sitting longer than normal.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

So much more!

Let's see, what has happened since my last post...much!

We did get visits from two of our sons, Josh and his wife Rachael with the kids Cameron and Savanna

and before that Jon and his wife Cari and their kids Brittini and Morgan came to visit us in Anaheim. I'm sure Disneyland had nothing to do with it...right! What a fun time! The kids were able to get a ride around the the rv park on Harleys owned by my friends Steve and Bill.

Sometime after their visits we took a job as Roving Managers with Mini U Storage. We have been with them now for about 2-1/2 months and so far it has been both good and interesting. As Rovers, you never know exactly what you are walking into. Our first assignment after training with our now good friends Karen and Steve, was in Las Vegas. Now, this is an interesting town to begin with, then you add to it a new job. We got there just before a unit auction and of course we had not done one before other than in training. The VP that came to the site and helped us was great and a huge help.

While we were in Las Vegas, Jon/Cari and the girls once again came to visit. We moved over to a beautiful RV park called the Oasis and had a lovely weekend. What a beautiful park, if anyone gets the chance to stay there, take it.

On one of our days off we took a drive into the Red Rock Canyon just outside of LV. Only $5 entry fee for the car and it was worth that and more. We don't hike much...ok, never but even staying on the road it was worth it.

After spending about 2 months there and training the new managers we were off to Azusa, Ca. The managers here in Azusa were much loved by their tenants. Unfortunately, the wife had passed away and the husband retired. From what I have heard, they were very nice people! We have been here now since the 4th waiting for new managers to be hired, then we'll train them and then on to another assignment.

Well, that's the basics, there was more that went on but I think you have the jist of it. Can't wait to see where we go next and what challenges we will encounter.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally - a current update!

So much has happened since I last wrote here, obviously I suck at the daily blog thing but at least I check in here and there.

We left Howard Prairie after a beautiful and enjoyable summer and headed for Colorado to visit the kids and grandkids. We stayed two weeks which is the longest we have stayed before and enjoyed the time with kids immensley. They are all getting big so fast and I wonder if we're doing this backwards...traveling when the grandkids are young and want to spend time with us as opposed to waiting until they are older and aren't as interested in hanging out with us. I hope I don't regret our decisions but how do you know if you have later as opposed to now?

After Colorado, we headed to El Cajon, CA for our first experience managing a Pumpkin Patch! Hard work, record heat waves and lots of fun! We enjoyed the people we hired and still miss most of them alot. I'd work that job again if I can have the same people work for me.

Two days before we closed for the season a couple brought some Chihuahua puppies in to try and sell and yes, I bought one. Jim calls him my mid-life crisis! Well, he was alot cheaper than a Corvette!

His name is Rocky and we have both grown to love him alot, not so sure that Harley shares that sentiment however though River seems to have gotten attached. He is certainly our comic relief!

After the pumpkins we took just the car and left for a two week road trip up the coast to Washington to visit family. We had a chance for the first time to stay with our son Ben and his wife Sarah and the kids Chance and Briielle. We had a wonderful time there and they were great with us trying to potty train Rocky without 100% success. We miss them alot!

Visiting my sister Sherese, brother Marc and my sister Jerleen and all of their families was good and sad, I miss them more than they probably know.

Once we got back to the San Diego area we moved over to Escondido to manage a Christmas tree lot for the second time with the same company that we did pumpkins with. I was much more relaxed this year with the trees than I was last year, but I'm not sure why. Had a good time with our employees and of course Danny who has been with the company for 18 years and makes the whole thing look easy! Can't imagine doing the tree lot without him!!

After the tree lot we spent Christmas/New Years back in Craig, CO with the grandkids. First Christmas I have had all of them together in 6 years and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I don't miss the -26 temps however!

Currently we are back in Anaheim working at the Anaheim RV Village. Old friends, new friends, seems like home. We are planning the visits from the kids this spring but we do miss our good friends, CJ and Jeanne Sands who left here to head east.

Oh, one last thing, our friends Terry and Kathy Langley bought a new toy hauler so they offered us their 1988 Southwind. It's a little newer than our Champion but has many features that the Champion did not, thanks you guys, we love our new home.

Finally, you're all caught up! I will add pics later but at least I got the writing done. Bye for now.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More At Howard Prairie Resort

Well, so far it has been an enjoyable and busy summer. The ice went away, the skies are blue, pelicans are gathering and the fishing is good! Business at the restaurant has picked up quite a bit which helps the time pass. Though I'm enjoying waiting on people I can't say that I would want to do this again. I won't say never because then fate is sure to prove me wrong, but it isn't my favorite job. We'll see how I feel at the end of the summer. The people that I'm working with are great! Really, if they weren't I wouldn't still be here I'm sure.

Jim is enjoying the marina, why wouldn't he, he gets to grill the guests on their fishing for the know, where did they catch them, what did they use, etc., etc., etc. He takes one of the boats out quite regularly and once in awhile I go with him. Today we took both the dogs in a Prairie Bell out to the "Cheese Hole", dropped anchor and fished. Within about 2 hours we had 4 decent trout for dinner and back we came. River does not like to ride in anything with a motor but once we dropped anchor he did actually lay down and sun himself. Harley on the other hand loves the boat and fishing!!! As soon as Jim hooks something Harley is right there whining his encouragement and then he guards the fish once they're in the bucket. Too funny!

We've tried bbq'ing them but we still prefer them rolled in flour and fried in a hot skillet. Yum!!